BOOM Projekte FORUM, Apollonian (Structure of 3 elements)

2009 Rom, Italien, Wettbewerbsbeitrag “FORUM, Apollonian (Structure of 3 elements)”, Kunst am Bau Projekt für das MAXXI National Museum of 21st-Century Art, Konzept und Entwurf Olaf Nicolai, Vorplanung und Visualisierungen BOOM; Philipp Reinfeld, Florian Steinbeck

“… The basic element is a pavilion whose walls consist of mirrors (mirrored stainless steel). On opposite sides, two goals are situated near the floor. The pavilions can be entered through a door, the floor is covered by coloured tartan as is usual on sports grounds outdoors. The pavilion can be used to play football. In the exterior of the museum, 3 pavilions form the elements of a space-defining sculpture, the “FORUM, Apollonian”. Due to the mirrors and the stroboscopic intervals, the movements inside and outside the pavilion are fractured multiply. The players are also in good view from the upper museum viewing floor. The piece reflects the context of the museum (design by Zaha Hadid) as well as its proximity to the Olympic stadium, the home ground of the Roman football clubs…” (Auszug aus dem Erläuterungstext zum Wettbewerb von Olaf Nicolai)

perspective from south-west

perspective from north-east

night perspective from north-east

view from exhibition space