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BOOM Projekte Thaihouse, The Land

2000/2001 Stockholm, Schweden / Chiang Mai, Thailand, Konzept und Entwurf Rirkrit Tiravania, Entwurfsmitarbeit und Ausführungsplanung Büro Mittig/Reinfeld; Arne Mittig, Philipp Reinfeld

“My idea was to make a very minimal space without or no object except for the function. The ground floor which the fireplace being the public and social space, with the idea of social gathering around the fire or cooking. The ground as a place for exchange and interact. The second floor being limited by floor space is for a small interaction.I see this space as the contemplation space, open the landscape, very different perspective, it is for me the place to read and to think, quietly, alone with a few people but more concentrated and focus.I was interested in the layer with a wall can be or not be … to have a open space to the element for me very much like some ideas I have seen in traditional Thai house … very much living with the element and only having structures and shelters for certain needs, but still open.The top floor which is the sleeping space is also just for the function of sleep, the space is made to be intimate, not spacious, again very minimal, a room made for the function, here the window faces the raising sun which is quite important for the way It functions, not to depend on a clock or a watch and to be woken up with the light of day .Sleep for me is when all ideas comes together, get filtered during sleep, when I wake up, a new idea or solution is found.” (Rirkrit Tiravania about the projekt on www.thelandfoundation.org)

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Picture © Carsten Eisfeld

Exhebition "What if", Moderna Musett, Stockholm

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