BOOM Projekte Studio buildings Lehrter Strasse (House 8)

2007 Berlin, Wettbewerbsbeitrag für ein Atelier- und Wohngebäude, 2. Preis, b&k+ Arno Brandlhuber / ERA; Bruno Ebersbach, Philipp Reinfeld

The volume forms itself from the maximum allowed height (19 meters) and by keeping the distance space to adjacent buildings (0,4 x height). The old trees will be preserved and the two top floors to the north cantilever to frame the entrance court. Cutting out eight holes of 1/8th of a floor provides each unit with a double-high space of 6.20 meters and generates a variation of spacial quality. Each unit is accessible directly via a spacious elevator. Fire-escape for the upper units is given by an external stair/bridge structure. All structural elements are made from reinforced concrete. All further elements are only self-carrying and therefore reversible to keep the flexibility and connectivity of the building.





1st floor

2nd floor

3rd floor

4th floor

5th floor